Two weeks ago we shared with you the news that Caltrans was temporarily holding a decision to prohibit bicyclists from Highway 35 at Highway 1 in Daly City, due to feedback from all of you. Caltrans is now committed to a process that will include ample opportunities for you to share ideas about how to improve the area both in the short and long-term.

Yesterday, Executive Director Shiloh Ballard and I met with Caltrans staff, including District 4 Director Bijan Sartipi, as well as Daly City’s Public Works Director John Fuller and San Francisco Bicycle Coalition’s Advocacy Director Janice Li, to discuss this issue. We appreciate Caltrans for reaching out to us and for taking the concerns of the bicycle community very seriously.

During our meeting, we collectively agreed upon a process to gather comments to come up with the best solutions. Public outreach over the next month will include an online survey to understand how people use Highway 35 for bicycling and suggestions for improvements. Caltrans is also collecting additional data such as traffic volumes and bicycle counts. Caltrans will use all this information to put together short and long-term options that will address safety at this interchange. We’ve offered to help organize a stakeholder meeting to present and discuss the options and determine the right solution for all.

Caltrans wants to move quickly on this, which is great. Thanks to all of you who emailed Caltrans and your elected officials. Your advocacy worked and we look forward to hearing more from you and working with Caltrans staff to create a safer Highway 35.