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Biketivist Forum Series

SVBC started a new series combining monthly Biketivist forums on a variety of topics with Local Team meetings that will help you advocate for better biking in your community! These meetings are conducted on third Wednesday of every month from 5pm to 7pm.  

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Since the Fall of 2017, Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition has been working to make our commitment to equity and social justice central to our organization and our work. We are taking on a big challenge – overcoming a long legacy of inequities in the bike movement, and in biking.

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How can you bike from here to there? Check out the wide world of bike maps covering Silicon Valley and beyond.

What is Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition?

Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that works to make biking safer and more comfortable in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties through education, advocacy, and fun.

The Latest

Restriping & Repaving: the fast track to better bikeways

Restriping & Repaving: the fast track to better bikeways

Those of us that press our cities to build better bikeways know that the fight is often a painstaking ordeal — street by street, intersection by intersection. And as many of our local teams know, these plans often get derailed or watered down, especially when changes to streets include the removal of parking stalls and traffic lanes. 

This month’s Biketivist forum highlighted how cities and agencies have grown keen on comprehensively tackling street redesign through annual restriping and repaving plans. Read on for a synopsis of the highlights from our esteemed panel guests who are steeped in street redesign and a link to the recording.