In the six weeks since cyclist Jeff Donnelly was fatally struck by a vehicle on Page Mill Road near Highway 280, staffers at all the involved agencies have been working to improve, fund, and construct an interim design solution that will boost safety in the short term. SVBC has proposed a forum intended to gather public input and come to consensus on a design. The County Roads and Airports Department would prefer to first meet with technical staff from Palo Alto, Los Altos Hills, Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) and Caltrans, then bring a more fleshed-out design to local cyclists for input. In any case, finding the money necessary for detailed design and construction is first on the to-do list. Here is the timeline proposed by the County:

  1. Find the money and agree on implementation roles. VTA has identified some potential funding sources but more will be needed. County is refining the cost estimates and will be talking to Caltrans and the cities about what they can contribute. The County expects to have a proposed funding plan in January. Also, this is all in Caltrans’ right-of-way and further discussion is needed about whether Caltrans could deliver the project and to clarify Caltrans’ role in the design.
  2. Design. The County’s concept was preliminary and needs refinement and more thorough design. There will be a technical working group consisting of Caltrans, Palo Alto, Los Altos Hills, and VTA staff as well as a couple of representatives from the VTA/County BPAC to provide input into certain design questions.
  3. Public outreach. Supervisor Joe Simitian has generously agreed to facilitate a forum once agency technical staff has preliminary designs ready for public input and feedback. The public will also be able to weigh in online.
  4. Construct the improvements, with a goal to put the new design in place during the 2016 construction season.

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