As many of you know, last week a bicyclist was killed on Page Mill Road near the interchange with Highway 280. This was especially tragic given that SVBC has been working with the various stakeholders (Caltrans, County of Santa Clara, City of Palo Alto, and Town of Los Altos Hills) over several years to make this interchange safer.

In 2014, our Roadway Safety Solutions Team visited the site with engineers and staff from the respective jurisdictions to analyze the site and offer solutions. As Colin mentioned in our previous blog post, there is currently a phased plan on the table. The first stage or “interim” plan requires approval by Caltrans and includes more visible delineation and green paint, similar to nearby Alpine Road at Highway 280. We are currently in conversation with Caltrans and the County of Santa Clara to figure out where the funding for this plan comes from and how to move it forward as quickly as possible. We know many of you are interested in getting involved, so please contact us using the form in the bottom righthand corner of this page if you would like to be added to the mailing list for this campaign. We will send out status updates and action alerts as they develop.

Unfortunately, collisions like these happen far too often in both San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties. This is why we have been working so hard on Vision Zero and helping cities take action through the Vision Zero Toolkit. We are currently making presentations to City Councils (such as in Daly City) and Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committees (such as in Sunnyvale) to encourage them to adopt these safety-focused policies. It is also why we have an initiative focused on safe and comfortable freeway crossings; we know these to be particularly intimidating barriers for people biking.

Recently, we have provided comments and written letters of support for funding for multiple freeway overcrossings and bike-friendly interchange redesigns. We can’t do it alone and we need your help to speak to your friends, neighbors, and elected officials. Spread the word about Vision Zero and the need for safety improvements on our roadways. We will follow up soon with specific action to take to address Page Mill Road. Again, please use the bottom righthand corner form to sign up or email with any further questions.