SVBC has put out a call for resumes from persons interested in our Safe Routes to School Assistant position. We are looking forward to hiring someone to work on our Safe Routes to School program which is beginning in the City of Santa Clara. Notices were posted in various media several weeks ago, and we have received a number of great resumes and are in the process of reviewing them to set up some interviews. This is actually fairly time consuming, as we want to be thorough in considering anyone who meets the qualifications. I am now setting up some appointments for the ED and other staff to interview candidates in the next few weeks.

We are really excited to be part of this project. Safe Routes to Schools programs involve not only teaching bicycle riding and pedestrian safety skills to students, but also reviews of the routes surrounding schools for hazards and safer routes and possible infrastructure improvements, enlisting the input of all the stakeholders. Our part of the program is the bike and pedestrian safety training, working with Alta Planning + Design which handles the overall project and the engineering components.

If you were under a rock or in a coma recently and didn’t hear about the job, there is still time to apply. Go to… to review the application process.