Better Biking

SVBC has set a goal to see 10% of trips be by bike by 2025. To that end, we work strategically in five broad initiatives that govern our main campaigns and that we believe will lead to more people on bikes and a healthier and safe environment for bicycles. We also focus on other issues that influence the region’s bike friendliness.

See below for more information on these initiatives; the campaigns we work on; regional, state, and federal policy; and general info about Bikeway Design. You can also learn more about how to Advocate for bike issues in your community.

Recent News

Bike Share for All

For many people, bike share offers a modern, fun, and sustainable solution to the “first and last mile” connectivity from transit that plagues our public transit systems. From Los Angeles to Minneapolis and New York, cities have been quickly adopting bike share programs, with several million riders and growing. Despite bike share’s rapid rise, it hasn’t done a very good job reaching low-income residents, who are more likely to bike and walk to work than those with higher incomes, and people of color.

Measure B Could Complete Our Streets

The campaign for Measure B – the Santa Clara County transportation sales tax that we’ve been working on and writing about for the past couple of years – is in full swing. As the public outreach process begins, SVBC is working double-duty, helping to promote the measure while also working with Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) to craft Complete Streets policies that will ensure the money significantly benefits people who walk, ride bikes, and take transit.

SVBC Invites Cities to Learn About San Mateo’s Bike Share

Last week, SVBC brought together various cities’ staff for a learning opportunity with City of San Mateo and Social Bicycles to discuss their new bike share program, Bay Bikes. Our goal was to share this alternate model of bike share with other cities on the Peninsula, since Bay Bikes is a different system than Bay Area Bike Share, without docking stations and with all the technology online and on the bike.

6th Annual Bike Summit 2016 Recap

Thank you to all who attended the 6th Annual Silicon Valley Bike Summit! The Summit was a great day of learning about safety and active transportation in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties and we enjoyed seeing people from the non-profit, private, and public sectors, as well as local residents and advocates! Did you miss it? Read on to catch up on all the day’s fascinating discussions.

San Mateo County Ends Active Transportation Coordinator Position

Just three years after SVBC worked to have San Mateo County create and fund their first ever Active Transportation Coordinator position, this position has unfortunately been terminated. We were so thrilled to bring county-level bike and pedestrian planning and project coordination to San Mateo County. Ellen Barton, whom many of you may have met or communicated with, filled the Active Transportation Coordinator role with grace and determination. In her two and a half years with the San Mateo County City/County Association of Governments (CCAG) and the County Office of Sustainability, Ellen was able to accomplish many things.