Better Biking

SVBC has set a goal to see 10% of trips by bike by 2025. To that end, we work strategically in six broad advocacy initiatives that govern our main campaigns and that we believe will help us achieve our mission to create a healthy community, environment, and economy through bicycling for people who live, work, or play in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties. See below for more information on these Initiatives as well as regional, state, and federal policy; general info about Bikeway Design; and how to Advocate for bike issues in your community.

Check out the map below to find out about our previous program and policy work around Silicon Valley. Click on each pin to transfer you to a blog explaining each one. Below the map, click through the boxes for more details on each advocacy initiative.

SVBC Advocacy Initiatives

Other Advocacy

Recent News

Let’s Make El Camino Real Safer for Everyone

SVBC has been working with cities, the Grand Boulevard Initiative, and Caltrans since 2014 to create safer places for people to bike on El Camino Real. But no change has been implemented yet. Now is the time to push our cities and Caltrans to make changes to this key corridor to prevent these types of tragedies from happening again. Let’s make a safer El Camino Real for everyone. Please sign the petition to encourage cities and Caltrans to put in protected bike lanes, more opportunities to safely cross the street, traffic calming, and other improvements that will slow drivers and protect people walking and biking.

Increasing Biking with Caltrain

We all want the same thing: more trains and more people biking, so it was great to explore options with staff, Board members, and community at the Caltrain workshop last week. The first half of the workshop focused on barriers and opportunities for people to park their bike and/or use bike and scooter share at the stations and the second half of the workshop considered ideas for redesigning two bike cars and redesigning three cars to include bikes.

Which Bike Projects Go First

Every city always has a lot of bike projects on their radar, some urgent, some expensive, some with political or community pressure. However, the resources to execute on those projects are generally limited, making prioritization very critical. SVBC is researching to learn more about bike plan project prioritization, tools, and criteria used. This blog is the initial findings of our on-going survey.

Planned Bike Lanes on El Camino Real in Redwood City Need Love

Give snaps to Redwood City for completing the Bike & Pedestrian Safety Improvement Study for El Camino Real. Staff will be presenting the conceptual designs and final report to the City Council on February 25, 2019. If you support protected bike lanes on El Camino Real in Redwood City, please attend the meeting or email Council to express your love for this project.