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SVBC has set a goal to see 10% of trips by bike by 2025. To that end, we work strategically in six broad advocacy initiatives that govern our main campaigns and that we believe will help us achieve our mission to create a healthy community, environment, and economy through bicycling for people who live, work, or play in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties. See below for more information on these Initiatives as well as regional, state, and federal policy; general info about Bikeway Design; and how to Advocate for bike issues in your community.

SVBC Advocacy Initiatives

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Recent News

Work Continues on VTA Complete Streets Policy

In November 2016, Santa Clara County voters approved Measure B, a one-half cent sales tax to fund transportation projects, collected over a 30-year period. In addition to a bicycle and pedestrian category of projects in the measure, there was also a requirement that Local Streets and Roads (pavement) projects funded by the measure implement Complete Streets (CS) practices to maintain and improve access and safety for bicyclists, pedestrians, and transit users on the roadway network. Since Measure B was passed, SVBC has been working on multiple fronts to ensure the CS requirement is adhered to.

Affordable Housing Meets the Bicycle

Before landing my dream job running SVBC, I worked for 14 years as an advocate for affordable housing. In that role, I collaborated with affordable housing developers, an interesting and somewhat masochistic group of people. When I moved over to SVBC, many of these do-gooder developers followed me. At the same time, a new grant program came down from the State called the Affordable Housing Sustainable Communities (AHSC) grant program. This program was one more way of implementing the State’s landmark greenhouse gas reductions legislation, Assembly Bill 32, and its companion land use legislation, Senate Bill 375, by linking dollars for affordable housing with sustainability. What better way to create greener housing than to put the infrastructure and programs in place to encourage bicycling over driving?