At the May 2 SamTrans Board meeting, SamTrans staff shared details on the progress of the public private partnership with Facebook and Plenary Group, a firm that specializes in developing public infrastructure. We now need you to encourage the SamTrans board to approve this agreement and expedite the study of a bike/ped trail.

SamTrans-Facebook-Plenary are finalizing language of the Exclusive Negotiating Agreement (ENA), which will do research and investigations in various categories (see slide below). Further study of a bike/ped trail on the corridor from Redwood City to the Dumbarton Bridge, which was requested by the Board in December, is included in the “technical feasibility” section.

SamTrans staff will bring the ENA back to the Board on June 6 to approve. After this due diligence process is complete and they have all the information collected in this phase, then and only then will SamTrans-Facebook-Plenary move forward with a decision on whether to do anything on this corridor. While that timeline has not yet been determined, SVBC is eager to see the technical feasibility complete with more information about fitting a bike/ped trail.

At the meeting, I made a public comment in support of moving this process forward to get to the technical feasibility of the trail. You can help by emailing SamTrans or attending the June 6 meeting to support the ENA being approved and the technical feasibility moving forward quickly.

Attend: SamTrans Board meeting
Wednesday, June 6, 2-4 pm
San Mateo County Transit District Administrative Building
Bacciocco Auditorium – Second Floor
1250 San Carlos Ave., San Carlos, CA

Email: and copy me, 

Talking points:

  • Thank you for continuing your work on Dumbarton.
  • I support the public-private partnership
  • Specifically, I look forward to completing the study of a bike/ped trail on the corridor, which the Board requested in December
  • This piece of the study should be prioritized to be completed ASAP
  • [Why is the trail important to you? How would you use it?]
  • A trail could make a huge difference for transportation and recreation on this corridor in the next few years with relatively low cost – it’s safe and feasible.