A proposal from Union City is moving forward to raid the major Dumbarton Corridor transit project to build a highway instead, repurposing Alameda County Dumbarton Corridor funds (for rail, an intermodal station, and bike/ped infrastructure) to the East West Highway Connector project. See Friends of Caltrain’s post for the most recent, additional details.
The goal of the East West Connector Highway (pictured above) is to speed drivers between Mission Boulevard (State Route 238) on the east and Interstate 880 (I-880) on the west by widening portions of Decoto Road and Paseo Padre Parkway, constructing a new roadway from Pase Padre Parkway to Mission Boulevard, and expanding Mission Boulevard where it intersects with the new roadway.


This is relevant to people on the Peninsula because:

  • It is one traffic jam. Removing a component of a transit corridor plan undermines the effort to reduce congestion by helping people drive alone less.
  • The transit money is expected to be back-filled from other regional transit sources, meaning that new transit money approved at the ballot box such as Regional Measure 3 could go to backfill a road.
  • It is a terrible precedent to take bike/ped money for a roadway expansion with substandard bike facilities (per Bike East Bay).