Last year we distributed a similar survey to our SVBC Members base, but this year we decided to expand our reach and get the opinions and thoughts of all our supporters to help us understand the bigger picture. We want to know more about all our supporters and how we can be the best bicycle coalition around – and reach our goal of seeing 10% of trips taken by bike by 2025. We asked what areas you would like to see SVBC focus on, and we want you to know we love hearing your ideas. Please bear with us as we work to address all facets of advancing bicycling in our communities. Here are some insightful responses we wanted to share:

  • Advocating for bike boxes at busy intersections.
  • Vision Zero implemented — bicycle boulevards.
  • Safe crossing for freeways, onramps/offramps are treacherous.
  • I am in SVBC to make things better for everyone; not just my own needs.
  • To advocate and do whatever is needed to make bicycling safe especially in our area’s lower income areas.

In the open comments section of the survey, here are some thoughtful responses we received:

  • SF Bay Area should be bike capital of the world! Need safe routes and pro bike culture!!
  • Looking to stay more in tune and involved in the process of building a better bicycling infrastructure.
  • I ride bikes and want to see improvements in my lifetime.
  • SVBC improves the community, environment, health for people!
  • I joined to be among like minded supporters of the cycling community!
  • I like being among like minded supporters of the cycling community!

We hope you found the results insightful and they spark conversation in your circles. These findings will help us work to fulfill our role as your bicycle coalition, building a community that values, includes, and encourages bicycling for all purposes for all people.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey, we look forward to hearing from you again. Keep an eye out for our follow up blogs that hone in on more specific survey findings in the coming weeks.