The Purissima Hills Water District (District) will be installing new water mains along several roads within the Town of Los Altos Hills as part of the Neary Tank Utilization Project – Phase I. Work will begin November 4, 2013 and extend into June 2014. During this time one way traffic will be implemented along the affected roads between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm Mon-Fri. The affected roads include:

  • Altamont Road – between Taaffe Road and Altamont Court
  • Taaffe Road – between Altamont Road and Upper Dezahara Way
  • Dezahara Way – 500 linear feet of the upper portion
  • Byrne Park Lane
  • Moody Road – between Bledsoe Court and Rhus Ridge Road

Large permanent bicycle safety signs preceding the worksite will be installed in both travel directions along Altamont Road, Taaffe Road, and Moody Road. In addition to these signs, the contractor will implement a movable temporary traffic control system with additional construction signage on all roads. At the end of each working day, the contractor may use steel non-skid trench plates with an asphalt transition along with additional signage specifically relating to the trench plates. These plates are temporary but will create an uneven surface. As such, the bicycle community is asked to exercise extreme caution through the construction zone.