Within the next few months, the Lower Guadalupe River Trail project will be fully paved. The project extends existing paved trails through the downtown, and will offer a 9 mile off-street commute and recreational route linking downtown to the San Francisco Bay.

San Jose Trail Program staff believes that the improved trail surface will reduce travel time, increase usage and frequency of use. If these assumptions can be proved, staff can more effectively advocate for funding from local, state and federal grant sources to pursue other trail improvement projects within the San Jose Trail Network.

Trail Program staff are seeking data from trail users that had used the trail system prior to the paving project. Ideally, they would like people who have used highly accurate smart phone tools like EveryTrail, MapMyHike and Trail Tracker GPS to report on the project’s impact. Trail Program staff wishes to obtain limited data from trail users and coordinate follow-up trips with individual users to create a data set.

If interested in participating, please contact Trail Program staff if you can respond affirmatively to each of the following statements:

  • I have Smart Phone travel data that indicates my origin, destination, date and travel time.
  • The travel time data can be segregated to show travel time on the trail.
  • I am willing to repeat the trip up to three times over a one month period.

All data collected is confidential and is to be used solely to monitor the impact of the improved trail system.

Please contact Sarah Fleming, with the City's Trail Program at sarah.fleming@sanjoseca.gov if you are able to support this data collection effort. She will follow up with you on the data collection process.