We have some pretty amazing volunteers here at SVBC. We know it, they know it, and Stanford Football attendees REALLY know it. This season, our army of bike parkers, led by Jim Manitakos, Rob Robinson, and the incomparable Ellen Fletcher, guarded over 5,500 bikes at Stanford home games. Many of the games are at night; sometimes it was cold, or windy, or raining. The shifts are a real commitment, lasting several hours.

Bikes aren't even all these amazing folks look after. Skateboards, wheelchairs, coolers, and footballs are all prohibited items inside the stadium and are thankfully watched over by the SVBC team. Over 230 strollers were also stored in the bike corrals! Lucky babies!

We'd like to sincerely thank these hearty volunteers. They are all champions to us, and some are even more astonishing in their perseverance, helping out at as many as seven games this season. Please help us thank them for their energy and commitment to encouraging arrival by bike:

Three or more games:

  • Kathy McDermott: 7 games
  • Jim Manitakos: 7 games
  • June Welsh: 6 games
  • Rob Robinson: 6 games
  • Paul DeNies: 4 games

Two games:

  • Darius Davis
  • Rachel Goldeen
  • Tian Harter
  • Garland Lee

One game:

  • Kermit Cuff
  • April Frederick
  • Deborah Goldeen
  • Daniel Goldsmith
  • Eric Gufeldt
  • Bob Jackson
  • Mike Kupfer
  • Scott and Ann McMahon
  • Gary Mendelstam
  • Karl Pingle
  • David Roise
  • Sylvia Starlack
  • Michael and Megan Stallman
  • Mariza Triveno
  • Frank and Sharon Viggiano
  • Edward Yeung
  • Barbara Zivkov

Thank you all!