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SVBC teamed up with Silicon Valley Leadership Group and SAP yesterday morning to host a breakfast for the Captains and Big Wheels of teams that participated in the 2011 Company Bike Challenge (CBC). The point of the morning was to bring together bike enthusiasts from a variety of Silicon Valley companies, create connections between people who can advance cycling culture, and get their feedback on how the Challenge can be improved and expanded. SAP satiated my constantly hungry tummy with a spread of eggs, sausage, pastry, yogurt, granola, fruit, potatoes, and more. Needless to say, it was a nice way to start the workday.

SAP's Chief Sustainability Officer Peter Graf pedaled what he preaches and welcomed the crowd in his cycling kit.

The crowd was enthusiastic about the success of this year's competition and had plenty of suggestions for improvement. I am just barely technically adept enough to survive in San José, so I was glad to have Andrew Casteel of Collectively there to field comments about the website and app used in the competition. His assurances that the integratron translator in the flux capacitor would be upgraded to more smoothly calibrate the dresden codex (I'm paraphrasing here, but I'm pretty sure that's accurate) seemed to satisfy and excite the more technically articulate crowd. I may not understand a word that was said, but I'm pretty sure next year we are going to see one heck of a Challenge!

SVBC Executive Director Corinne Winter smiles for the camera with Eric Sorenson of Apple (left), Simon Dunne of Specialized, and Bryn Dole of blekko.

Local winners of the CBC were presented with some pretty spiffy certificates. Apple (best large company, Santa Clara County and Bay Area), Specialized (Best Medium Company, Santa Clara County and Bay Area), and blekko (Best Small Company, San Mateo County) all succeeded due to a corporate culture of biking and competitiveness. Though they were gracious winners, there was no sign that they were about to rest on their laurels and let another company take the win next year. If you think your company has the chops to take on 2011's champions, start gathering your team of novices, veterans, and Big Wheels today!