Awhile ago I wrote that I had spent a few days in Boulder, CO, and was amazed at how bicycle-friendly it appeared to be. My son took some pictures so that I could share them, but they were waylaid for awhile. I finally received them and now I can share them.

This intersection has three bicycle related signs at just one corner. No one is going to miss the warning that there are bicyclists!

These two pictures show how they use a broken stripe to designate the bike lanes where there are right and left turn lanes. Wish they would do that around here!

It’s a little hard to read these two signs, the chartreuse ones, but they show a bicyclist and a pedestrian, and say “2-way crossing.” They have these at many intersections, and also where bike trails intersect with roads.

When you see all the signs and other infrastructure, it gives the message that bicyclists are an important part of the transportation system. I can’t help but think that even motorists that might be a little hostile to bicyclists will get the message.

By the way, we at SVBC are planning a campaign that will focus on aspects of road safety such as dangerous intersections and hostile or dangerous drivers. There will be more on this later.