Bikes for miles

I got the first back-of-the-calves sunburn this weekend while parking bikes at the Tour de Cure in Palo Alto. Knowing full well that my mom reads this blog, I must point out that I was well sunblocked on my face, arms, and neck – the usual suspects. Even the tips of my ears were sporting 50 SPF. I had not thought, however, to apply just south of the kneepit, which is where my jeans are today chafing some pinked skin.

Enough about my dermatological downfalls, though; I'm here to talk about bike parking! Five-hundred-seventy-six bikes we parked, a mountain of metal! An avalanche of aluminum! A sierra of steel! A very large amount of carbon fiber! The Tour de Cure is the biggest event that we provide valet bike parking for. As weary riders return to the HP campus, we take their rides out of their blistered palms and keep them safe while the participants rest and eat in the shade. It's a great event, and we're proud to make the day a bit easier for the riders who have worked hard to raise funds for the American Diabetes Association.

I'd like to thank our great team of volunteers this year. Without so many hard working people donating their time, we couldn't provide this service. Even if our entire staff came out to work (only 3/4 of us did this time – you know who you are!), there is no way we could handle the quantity of bikes getting shuttled back and forth. So thank you for helping SVBC promote the bicycle.