For SVBC staff, BTWD is the culmination of months of work and anticipation. On the actual day, we each took some time to ride around and visit a few energizer stations, and, yes, bike to work!

My first stop was at 7:00 at the Barracuda building on Winchester in south Campbell, which is just a few blocks from where I live. Barracuda does a really nice energizer station, with lots of good food (you could pretty much eat your breakfast there,) and a mechanic from Summit Bicycles if you need help with your bike. (Last year, he fixed a problem I was having with one of my gears.)

Then I rode up Winchester to catch the light rail to Diridon to take in the Plant 51 energizer station. Only it wasn't there! The map on our website had said “Caltrain Station.” First I walked my bike all the way around the station. Then I rode around Plant 51, thinking maybe they wanted to stay closer to home. Still no energizer station. I almost gave up at that point, but decided to ride down Santa Clara to make sure it wasn't there somewhere. Sure enough, the Plant 51 energizer station was at the corner of Santa Clara and Cahill; a fine location, but I wouldn't call it “Caltrain Station.” Note to SVBC: We got to get a little more accurate!

Then I headed toward the office, down Park Avenue, to the Breathe California energizer station and said hello to the folks there, at the same time that Ernesto was doing the same. They have a great location, right outside their office on the Park Avenue bike lane.

After working in the office for the morning, then returning home for a short break, I picked up some supplies at Costco and headed (now in my car, I'm afraid,) up to Palo Alto for the northern Bike Away From Work Bash. Jeff Selzer at Palo Alto Bikes made the store available for the party, and Hobee's supplied much of the food. The party was great, and Jeff and his staff help make it that way.