Bicycle Friendly Development Guidelines

Our local economy continues to grow and with it comes the building of new homes and offices and the resulting traffic and transportation issues. SVBC supports responsible development that encourages its residents and employees to walk, bike, and take transit to get around. There are a number of ways that developers, employers, and building owners can do this.  These methods help contribute to the region’s greenhouse gas, traffic, and pollution reduction goals.

The SVBC Bike Friendly Development Guidelines are a free resource from SVBC that assists new and existing building projects in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties in bicycle planning efforts while also setting a standard for what a Bicycle Friendly Development means in our communities. These guidelines are available to any interested developer, community member, city staff person, or other stakeholder to improve a local project and educate on bicycle friendly amenities. The guiding principle is whether the development is going to enhance people’s ability to bike to and from the location.

Our guidelines support better bike design and encouragement in new projects by considering specific criteria in the following areas:

  1.     Location and site of development
  2.     Bike storage and parking
  3.     Vehicle parking
  4.     Other amenities and encouragement

Check out the full guidelines in each category by downloading a copy of the SVBC Bike Friendly Development Guidelines.

For most projects, we are unable to endorse a project or provide letters of support or public comment for projects. We will be happy to answer questions regarding specific projects.

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