Bike to Work Day (BTWD), for us here at Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition, is the best day of the year. The streets are full of people who learn that commuting to work can be a source of joy. And as a cherry on top, this was the silver jubilee year with over 25000+ riders who rode to work!

This year, Santa Clara County too, geared up full swing to get more and more people biking. All the five County Districts hosted one energizer station each. All the County Board of Supervisors were on-field supporting this wonderful day! The stations were pumped up with water, and refreshments, and bags, and, goodies to boost all those riding through. So much fan-fair, almost like an early morning party!

Here are quick numbers of riders who stopped and passed by at these stations –

District Supervisor Location & Address Riders Who Stopped Riders Who Passed
Sup. Mike Wasserman – District 1 Vasona Park – 333 Blossom Hill Road 21 96
Sup. Cindy Chavez – District 2 County Building – 70 W Hedding 43 99
Sup. Dave Cortese – District 3 Technology Services & Solutions – 1555 Berger Drive 4 15
Sup. Susan Ellenberg – District 4 Valley Medical Center – 751 S. Bascom Ave, Bldg Q 13 10
Sup. Joe Simitan – District 5 Wells Fargo – 23000 Homestead Rd, Cupertino 35 242
County Department Location & Address Riders Who Stopped Riders Who Passed
County of Santa Clara @ Charcot 2310 N 1st St 29  
County of Santa Clara @ Sobrato 1400 Parkmoor Avenue 24 40


SVBC in collaboration with District-3 office had a ride organized on BTWD – an opportunity for everyone to ride with supervisor Dave Cortese! The ride began at a County facility – East Valley Behavioral Health on Mckee road and ended at the County building at 70W Hedding in San Jose. The ride passed via 4 energizer stations cheering the energizer station hosts on their way.

We would love to thank Santa Clara County Public Health Department and Board of Supervisors for all their support and effort put in to make this day a great success. We are eager already to see the above numbers growing over years with a hope that more and more people get inspired and get converted to daily riders!