Have you Pledged to Ride yet? Have you gotten your friends to Pledge to Ride? Doing so will help grow the number of people that learn about the joys of bike commuting and subsequently demand the infrastructure needed to safely do so. Pledging to ride also makes you eligible for a tour of Alaska and Kenai that is being offered by Exodus Travels (with airfare covered by Alaska Airlines!) as part of their commitment to enticing folks onto a bicycle.

Exodus Travels has partnered with and supported SVBC since 2017, offering numerous biking trips to exciting destinations including Vietnam, Portugal, and Italy. These trips have been used to incentivize riding as prizes for our Pledge to Ride or Bike Commuter of the Year winners. They’ve also been used as auction items at our Annual Dinner, bringing in thousands of dollars to help fund our movement to make Silicon Valley the bike-friendly community we know it has the potential to be.

We’re grateful to Exodus and all our sponsors for having the vision and commitment to support our work. And we can’t wait to hear how the trip to Alaska goes for this year’s winner. What could be better than pristine national parks, sparkling fjords and incredible wildlife unfolding on a daily basis? As an aside: I, SVBC staff member Jessica, can confirm that Alaska is one of the most gorgeous places in the world, especially in the summertime! I’ve had the good fortune to slide down a glacier and wander through forests and can say without a doubt that biking through Alaska is sure to be a blast.

And we’re already trying to figure out what trip we should ask for next year’s winner…Albania, India, Costa Rica, South Africa? So many choices!

But back to business. Pledge to ride to work on May 9, Bike to Work Day, and you’ll have the option to enter a drawing for this trip!