The City of Santa Clara has been working on its Precise Plan for El Camino Real since 2017 to guide future development in this important transportation corridor. El Camino Real is the City’s most visible and identifiable commercial corridor. The City’s General Plan vision for El Camino Real is to transform it from a series of automobile-oriented strip malls to a tree-lined, pedestrian and transit-oriented corridor with a mix of residential and retail uses. Over the last 21 months, Santa Clara has held numerous public outreach meetings. There is now a draft plan available for the public to review.  

Some residents and local advocates, including SVBC, are excited by this vision and came together to provide recommendations to the city about the plan. That group calls itself the Santa Clara Community Advocates. In addition to residents, the group includes Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition, Greenbelt Alliance, Silicon Valley Leadership Group, and SV@Home. Our joint platform recommends that the Santa Clara El Camino Real Specific Plan includes the following mode share goals for the corridor:

At least:

  • 15% of trips made on foot
  • 15% of trips made by bicycle and powered mobility assistance devices including e-bikes, e-scooters, e-skateboards, and similar devices
  • 20% of trips made by utilizing public transportation

Here is the Final Santa Clara Community Advocates ECR Vision Statement. Please review and consider our recommendations. The next opportunity to hear about the plan is next week:

Community Advisory Committee (CAC) Meeting on March 21, 2019

Thursday, March 21, 2018 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in the Santa Clara City Council Chambers (1500 Warburton Ave). While participation in the ECR CAC meetings will be limited to appointees, the meetings will be public and members of the community are invited to sit in the audience.

If you want to  join the Santa Clara Community Advocates, please contact John Cordes

You can also share your comments with any Santa Clara City Council Member.