Editor’s note: Thanks to BPAC member Laura Smith for keeping us in the know about Campbell bicycle and pedestrian policymaking!
San Tomas Aquino Creek Trail Feasibility Study:  At the city council meeting on August 21st, progress on this project will be reviewed.  Staff has met with various stakeholders such as the Water District, city of San Jose and local school districts.  Trail alignment may include surface streets from San Tomas Aquino Road to Virginia Avenue via Hazel Avenue.  Thus far its been determined that the city of Campbell is not responsible for the bridge from Salacci Avenue to the Forest Hill Elementary school yard.  Conversely, Campbell will build its own bridge that is compliant with all current codes. As the project moves forward, it will be completed in sections (reaches 1, 2, and 3) with support from available grant funding.
Eden Avenue Sidewalks:  A consultant has been selected and the design should be completed by October 2018.  Features of the design will include a flashing beacon for pedestrian crossings, bulb outs, street lighting, sidewalks, stripping and desperately needed drainage.  This project is fully funded and is scheduled to start construction in mid-June 2019 after school is out for the summer vacation. Lastly, the project’s first step will be installing sidewalks on the east side of Eden Avenue across from Rosemary Elementary school.