Photo: Billy Hustace, Photographer 

City of Campbell is considering the development of a trail along San Tomas Aquino Creek between Virginia Avenue and Westmont Avenue at the San Jose-Campbell city border.

The project offers recreational opportunities for nearby neighborhood residents and a safer off-street route to school for students of both Westmont High School and Forest Hill Elementary School.

As a partnership between Campbell and San Jose, the alignment between the two cities supports the development of a trail system for recreation and active transportation while fostering a sense of community among neighbors.

Dating back to Campbell’s 2001 General Plan, the project has long been identified as a priority, and will have a chance on August 21 to move ahead with further planning and construction. However, the project could use a dose of support to counter community opposition. Here’s how you can show your support:

  • Attend the August 21, 2018 City Council Meeting, particularly if you live along the trail—Time: 7:30 pm//Where: Campbell City Hall, 70 N 1st St, Campbell, CA 95008
  • Email Campbell Mayor & Vice Mayor:; Feel free to discuss why City of Campbell ought to invest in safe, off-street pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure (some talking points below)
  • Talking points:
  1. The trail’s alignment encourages safer routes to schools for neighborhood children.
  2. The San Tomas Aquino Trail Project bolsters public safety through increased neighbor interaction and sense of community.
  3. The proposed trail provides a safe off-street connection for people walking and biking between Campbell and San Jose.
  4. As a committed partner, City of San Jose has extended financial and technical support to further develop a neighborhood-serving trail system for recreation and active transportation.