The City is turning up its urban bicycling game. The Department of Transportation is launching a robust bicycle parking program, whereby the City will install bike parking at no cost to those who submit requests. The way in which locations are selected will depend on current supply and demand, allowing for safe and convenient bicycle parking, and ensuring that any surrounding services will remain easily accessed. 

How to request a bike rack

For desired locations, send the following information to:

  • Address//Business Name//Cross Streets//Your Name//Phone or Email

Business owners are especially encouraged to request a free bike rack for installation near commercial destinations, especially as more and more people travel by bike, whether to get to work or school or to run errands.

For businesses, improved bicycle infrastructure and encouragement programs can yield great benefits, such as higher foot traffic, increased sales receipts, as well as reduced parking and traffic congestion.

Drop a pin where you’d like to see bike parking installed using our interactive map:  Map Link

*Requests for bike parking on private property require the consent of property owners. For bike racks in-need of repair or maintenance, please contact:

Better BikewaysSJ

To complement the abundance of bike parking, people riding bikes in the downtown core will soon have an integrated network of protected bike lanes and calm streets to look forward to, with all the benefits of safety, comfort and convenience that’s envisioned in the City’s Better Bikeways program.

To learn more, attend the Better Bikeways Community meeting on Wednesday, July 11, to hear updates on the construction schedule, design treatments, and offer feedback on specific projects. For more details, see the city’s website

When? Wednesday, July 11, 2018

  • 6:30-8:00 PM

Northside Community Center, 488 N. 6th Street, San José, CA 95112