On June 6, SamTrans Board approved an agreement with Facebook and Plenary Group, to continue studying the revitalization of the Dumbarton Corridor from Redwood City to Union City. The two private companies will be taking on the majority of the cost of the technical studies and reports required, with little to no cost for the public agency.

Thanks to all of you who emailed SamTrans Board members last month in support of a multiuse trail on the corridor. The approval will kick-off an 18-month process, with the opportunity to renew up to one year. This process will include additional technical research into a multituse trail option on the corridor. We are now setting up meetings with SamTrans and Facebook to understand how all the pieces will line up as well as to continue our advocacy for a trail and share the research that we’ve done on this option.

Meanwhile, Regional Measure 3 was approved, which will provide an additional $130 million for the Dumbarton work. If the potential San Mateo County transportation sales tax is approved for the ballot and approved by voters in November, that could provide additional funding for this project.

We’ll keep you all updated as the process moves forward as there will certainly be opportunities to get involved.