We all know bike commuting is good for the environment, your health, and your pocketbook. Why not track all those miles you spend pedaling your bike instead of pushing the pedals in your car?

May is Bike Month, and that means it’s time for the Bay Area Bike Challenge! Register here and track your rides all month long. You can form a team to compete against others or just enjoy logging your miles to meet your fitness goals. Set goals, encourage others, and check in with your fellow commuters.

The Bay Area Bike Challenge is perfect for new bike commuters and seasoned bike champions alike. If you’re new, bike commuting just one day a week is a great start.

Here at SVBC, our staff has formed a team and is excited to compete all month-long. Here’s what we have to say about tracking our commutes!

“I’m a relatively new bike commuter and I like tracking my rides to see how I’m meeting my fitness goals and how my rides take less time!”

-Jessica, Membership and Outreach coordinator.

“I like it because I’m a competitive sort, and my goal is to beat my colleagues every day.”

-Allison, Events Coordinator.

“It’s nice to just get out and have fun with everybody. It’s a way to start to minimalize your life.”

-Kate, Community Programs Manager.

“It’s a great way to incorporate healthy competitive spirit into your daily routine.”

-Jay, advocacy intern.