While pedaling your bike after a close call with a car, do you ever reflect on and envision a world in which your safety on a bike was never in question?  Do you fantasize about a world in which traffic planners were tasked with making sure people arrive at their destinations with a smile on their face? And do you wonder why more people aren’t outside, feeling the wind on their faces and experiencing the adventures that bicycling brings?

So do we. Every day.

Join us in becoming a Bike Visionary, where every day, your support will help push the envelope to create a bike friendly Silicon Valley. With options starting at $10/month, you can become a monthly supporter of SVBC today. All levels of support are appreciated and help us plan for the future. And the good news is that your membership will automatically renew every year.

Your monthly gift will support long-term campaigns that take bike projects to the next level. It will allow us to:

We see a future where lots of people are biking.  You have a role to play in this future. With your ongoing support, we can be visionaries together. Thank you so much for your commitment.