What a great year for active transportation! During the 2015-2016 school year, the SVBC youth education team was able to reach nearly 7,000 youth participants with interactive bicycle and pedestrian safety education. Most of the education was provided through in-school, Safe Routes to School programming as well as family biking workshops at over 35 different schools throughout Clara and San Mateo Counties. Additionally, SVBC worked with school administrators, teachers, parents, students and community partners to organize encouragement events and activities that promoted more walking and biking to school, including Walk and Bike to School Days, bike trains (bikepool), walking school buses (walking groups), bike repair days, and family bike nights. We look forward to continuing our work during the upcoming school year and, yet again, enable thousands of students to be more active and safe on their way to school. We would like to thank all of our partners, volunteers, and sponsors for making this possible.

Up Next:

This summer, we’re partnering with San Jose libraries and community centers in organizing summer biking workshops for youth and teens. Below is a list of scheduled workshops:

July 15 – Alum Rock Branch Library
August 16-17 – Educational Park Branch Library

Check back soon for additional dates and times.