Too many Californians have been injured on our streets or are mourning the death of a loved one due to distracted or negligent motorists. Protecting all people who ride bikes, walk, run, ride horses, scooter, skateboard, and work on California streets is vital to make California a better place to live. There is a bill in the California State Assembly, AB 2398, which would dictate that anyone who causes injury to a vulnerable road user is held accountable. Sign this petition to pass AB 2398 and protect all road users by:

  • Raising the fine for hitting a Vulnerable Road User
  • Assigning a point on the motorist’s driver’s license

Passing this type of legislation is a goal of our Vision Zero initiative, and we are happy to be working with the California Bicycle Coalition to move this forward.

This bill will remind motorists of their obligation to be cautious of each person on our streets. Sign this petition to encourage the chair of the Assembly Transportation Committee, Assemblymember Bonnie Lowenthal, the chair of the Senate Transportation Committee, State Senator Mark DeSaulnier, and the Governor to support the Vulnerable Road Users Protection Act to make our streets livable. Help California take the next step toward reaching CalBike’s goal of tripling the number of people bicycling by 2020, while helping SVBC reach our goal of 10% of all trips by bike by 2025.