We have big news out of Mountain View to celebrate this week. At a February 5 study session for the San Antonio and El Camino Real Precise Plans, City Council directed planners to study the feasibility of removing parking on El Camino to make space for a bike lane. This is a small step for the City of Mountain View, but a giant leap toward getting bike lanes on El Camino Real! Parking along the corridor is notoriously underused, and bike lanes are being sought by bike advocates, neighbors, parents, and people who have to ride on El Camino in its current state to get to work or school.

My many thanks go out to Wendee, Janet, Jarrett, Josh, John, Cherie, Uri, and others who stuck it out through the over five-hour study session last week to make comments and hear the results of their hard work. The process of advocacy isn’t always thrilling, but the rewards can be pretty sweet!

Thanks also to the Mountain View Voice for covering the historical decision.