Thanks to all our members who took the time to vote for our new and returning directors at the end of 2013. The SVBC Board of Directors represent the organization’s membership and establish our mission and vision. We had another fantastic slate of candidates and were fortunate to have six existing directors re-run for their positions.

The election was carried out electronically through Members as of November 24 were eligible to vote. The election was opened on December 2 and closed at midnight December 15. An email blast with election information and the website link was sent out on December 2 to all eligible voters for whom we had a valid email. A follow-up reminder was emailed on December 7. Additionally, the election was publicized on the website and in the December 5 email bulletin with staff contact information for anyone who had questions or wanted to update their email.

Candidates for the 2014-2015 term:


  • Jessica Herrera
  • Peter Ingram
  • Susan Kroll


  • Shiloh Ballard
  • Phil Brotherton
  • Gary Brustin
  • Scott Lane
  • Alyssa Plicka
  • Jeff Selzer

There was also an opportunity to vote in person at our Winter Party.


  • 1344 eligible electors
  • 184 voted for a turnout of 13.8% (5% needed for quorum)

Alyssa Plicka 152 (82.6%)
Gary Brustin 160 (87.0%)
Jeff Selzer 162 (88.0%)
Jessica Herrera 157 (85.3%)
Peter Ingram 159 (86.4%)
Phil Brotherton 142 (77.2%)
Scott Lane 153 (83.2%)
Shiloh Ballard 156 (84.8%)
Susan Kroll 152 (82.6%)
Write-in 5 (2.7%)