Day by the Bay community bike ride

One of our super volunteers, Candice, organized another fun community ride for SVBC on November 30th. Her recap of the Day by the Bay ride is below.

Thirty cyclists pulled out from the Mountain View Caltrain station and headed for San Francisco Bay. It was a glorious day. Lots of sun. Lots of smiles. Some acquaintances that would become new cycling buddies. And not single flat tire the entire day.

It's a paved and flat route. The Lakeshore Cafe in Shoreline Park is at mile five and was the perfect place for a regroup. We shared the Lucy Evan Preserve at mile ten with bird watchers and painters. It was a lovely day on bay. More rides in the future. Be sure to read your SVBC bulletin!

Check out the Flickr account of another super volunteer, Janet (we are fortunate to have multiple super volunteers), for more Day by the Bay photos: