Our December 2013 Board of Directors elections feature nine candidates: six returning and three new. The entire slate of candidates has been recommended by the current SVBC Board.
Voting is open from December 2 through December 15. The election is being held online, and an email with the link and information was sent to all current members for whom SVBC has an email address.
If you are a member and did not receive notice of the election on December 2, then it is possible we do not have your correct email. Please send inquiries regarding the ballot to Anne Fisher, afisher@bikesiliconvalley.org.
There will also be an opportunity to vote at the Winter Party on December 6.

Candidate Slate

New Candidates

Jessica Herrera
As the Transportation Program Manager for a Bay Area company, I am responsible for the day-to-day management, strategic direction, budget, and oversight of the company’s Transportation Demand Management (TDM) programs and services. I advocate on transportation issues relevant to people’s mobility needs and company operations. I develop, manage, and market programs to educate commuters about various transportation alternatives.
I have enjoyed cycling with my son for recreation over the past 10 years and have become more confident in my riding as an adult. I have experienced firsthand the challenges and benefits for cyclists in the area and have created a work atmosphere that includes infrastructure and amenities that lend themselves to easing some of the deterrents in hopes to convert those that are interested, but concerned.
My efforts contributed to recognition from the SVBC and League of American Bicyclists as well as participation on panels regarding our program’s best practices and the opportunity to host events, such as the 1st Corporate Bike Forum in the Bay Area. I have also recently participated in the Green Lane Project and visited several cities in the Netherlands learning about the variety of infrastructure put in place, discussions regarding opportunities and challenges with city planners, designers, and consultants on real case studies and improved program effects.
I feel I have been given many opportunities to be involved with experts in both the program and infrastructure side of cycling as well as from cyclists themselves at a variety of levels. I have increased my focus on cycling as a form of both recreation and commute and would like to provide a unique perspective to the SVBC and contribute to the strategies for future growth in cycling in the Bay Area.
Peter Ingram
I am a committed fitness cyclist. When I’m not logging miles on the roads of San Mateo County, century rides and hill climb racing fulfill my need to be on a bike. I also serve on the Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco board, and nurture a native plant garden in Emerald Hills with my spouse Yvette.
Prior to becoming a community development consultant, I served for 23 years as an executive manager in the cities of Richmond and Redwood City. When I left my last position of city manager in 2010, Redwood City had nearly completed an award-winning general plan and a bold new downtown precise plan – both providing for cycling.
My motivations for seeking a seat on the SVBC Board of Directors:

  • I have a strong interest in policy and governance, as well as many years of nonprofit experience in both membership and charitable public service organizations.
  • As a person who cycles, I know that there is much work to be done in changing relationships on the road, such that everyone is safer and we lessen the rate of cycling injuries and deaths.
  • I absolutely believe that bicycles can and should play a key role in reducing our dependence on car trips and forever shift us from suburban development patterns.

Susan Kroll
Cycling always meant freedom and independence. My first bike, a three-speed English Racer, took me wherever I needed to go, when I wanted to go. As I grew older, cycling was an escape from the stressors of school or work. It also became my preferred way of leisure travel, seeing Europe and America on the seat of a bike.
Cycling took on more importance during my career as a physician tasked with wellness in the workplace. I began to understand the role of cycling as an integral part of well due to its exercise, psychological, and environmental benefits.
Cycling is an activity that anyone can do at any age. It is essential that SVBC continue its efforts in ensuring safe roads, bicycle safety, outreach to children and lower income families so biking to work, to shop, and for fun becomes fundamental to the fabric of Silicon Valley.
My experience as North American Medical Director for Johnson & Johnson can help the coalition reach out to the medical and wellness communities to effectively liaison and elicit support for SVBC’s goals and objectives. Biking is important for the health of our society. With continued health partnerships including county public health departments, we can start transform cycling from an alternative form of transportation to one of the primary means of transportation in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties making our citizens healthier and our air cleaner.
I attended University of Chicago and then went on to medical school at New York Medical College. I am board certified in both Internal Medicine and Occupational Medicine. I have been involved in wellness programs for over 15 years.

Returning Candidates

Shiloh Ballard
Shiloh Ballard is Vice President of Housing & Community Development for the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, a public policy non-profit organization that advocates for the business community. Although she prefers the dirt, Shiloh commutes by bike everyday and is a passionate advocate for incorporating the bike into every day use. Shiloh has served on the boards of the Sierra Club Loma Prieta Chapter and the League of Conservation Voters and hopes to continue to assist the organization through her strong policy and organizational development experience.
Phil Brotherton
Phil’s cycling passion started when he was a kid in a Los Angeles suburb riding his bike to school and around town. The Sting-Ray was more than a bike. It was freedom. Eventually, school and his career brought Phil and family to the Silicon Valley and he has ridden thousands of miles on Bay Area roads and trails since. However, at the core, not much has changed over the years. He still loves the freedom of going for a ride around Silicon Valley and getting to work faster than the cars stuck in rush hour traffic.
Having started riding in LA, it’s always been clear to Phil that the Silicon Valley bicycle advocates and planners made a huge contribution to the safety and success of road cycling in the area. Says Phil, “As an SVBC board member, I’d like to continue to develop on that legacy for all future riders. Safety on the roads continues to be a big challenge. For example, while many of our roads have safe shoulders for cyclists, there’s much more to do. One of the most challenging areas, and the one I’d really like to impact, is raising awareness in the cycling and driver communities on how to safely co-exist. We must share the roads and safety is the basic requirement for more participation in cycling for commuting and recreation.”
Gary Brustin
Gary Brustin has been an avid cyclist for over forty-five years. His first road bike was a Schwinn Varsity eight-speed.
He graduated from the University of Southern California in 1971 with a B.A. degree in Urban Studies. He then earned his law degree at Hastings College of Law in 1975. He is an active member of the California State Bar Association and he is the Founder & Chairman of the League of American Bicyclists’ National Legal Affairs Committee.
Gary’s passion for cycling has shaped his professional career. He has been in private practice since 1976, specializing in personal injury litigation. Twenty-five years ago he decided to specialize in bicycle litigation and today his entire caseload consists only of cycling-related matters. He has personally handled over 1,000 bicycle cases.
Gary is also very committed to bicycle advocacy. In addition to acting as a Director on the Board of Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition, he also served on the Board of Directors of the League of American Bicyclists for nine years. Additionally, he served on the Board of Directors of the California Bicycle Coalition for ten years and the Sacramento Bicycle Advocates Advisory Board.
His office proudly co-sponsors the Velo Girls as well as many other groups and cycling activities. In his spare time, he acts as a volunteer attorney for various racing clubs, writes magazine and newspaper articles, and travels across the country speaking to bicycle clubs about cycling safety and the law.
Every March you will find Gary in Washington, D.C., lobbying for better and safer bicycle legislation. He firmly believes that bicycling is the best route to a healthier lifestyle and more livable communities.
Scott Lane
After years of riding in and helping to lead semi-organized rides (SJBP, Bike Soiree), biking to work and “running” errands Scott keeps wishing that a lot more drivers could discover how easy (and not so easy at times) it is to bike every week!
“If we want to be a cool, world class city and region – a large, vibrant and very visible bike culture is a vital and necessary component. We have a growing bike culture, but we need to find ways to “supercharge” it. We do not have to reinvent the wheel – we can combine current SVBC programs with “lessons learned” from other cities across the nation and around the world.”
Scott believes that with SVBC’s small but dedicated staff and increasingly energized volunteer base, we have the potential to vastly increase the number of cyclists who ride every week AND to increase our safety as well, via direct political involvement. He feels that SVBC is really the best avenue to create such changes.
“I've often seen the result of bike accidents (bike vs. bike, bike vs. car) over the years. But after being in a bike vs. car accident myself (after I decided to run for the board), I have an even stronger perspective on safety and how important SVBC is for all of us. I seek your vote to continue serving the board.”
Alyssa Plicka
Alyssa is a native of the Bay Area and by design currently lives in the biking rich Santa Cruz Mountains. In college, she exclusively commuted on her bike and her love for cycling has continued. Alyssa rides road, cross and mountain bikes in addition to competing occasionally.
Alyssa is a CPA with PricewaterhouseCoopers and has been on SVBC's Finance Committee for the past four years. “SVBC has seen triple growth since my four years on the board which has been very exciting to be a part of. The Bay Area has such diverse terrain there really is something for everyone. I strongly support cooperative driver/cyclist awareness & education so both can safely coexist.”
Jeff Selzer
Jeff has worked in the cycling industry for more than 30 years, the past 15 as the General Manager of Palo Alto Bicycles. He has been an ardent advocate for cycling; running the Bikestation Palo Alto (a non profit for cycling commuters) since 1999, traveling to Washington DC as well as the State Capital in Sacramento to lobby for cyclist rights, and serving on the NBDA Board of Directors since 2011 and the SVBC Board of Directors since 2010. Jeff is excited to continue his work with SVBC.