Bay Area Bike Share

Bay Area Bike Share launched today, and SVBC was there to help! As you might know, we've been working with Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) on and off since 2008 to implement a bike sharing program. VTA started a pilot program then morphed over time into the regional program that kicked off today. It was a big win for both of us.

Our role at today's festivities was that of humble ride leader. After the VIPs made their speeches and San José Mayor Chuck Reed flipped the switch on City Hall's Bike Share station, I was joined by our Event Coordinator, Jen, and 12 enthused Bike Share boosters on a 20-minute ride through the southeastern corner of downtown. We coasted along bike lanes on 7th, 10th, and 11th Streets, enjoying painted buffers most of the way. Everybody loves the new bikes, which despite their impressive mass are easy to pilot and comfortable.

SVBC operatives were also on hand at the Mountain View and Palo Alto launch events. Check out the photos to the right to see what all the excitement was about!