Green bike lane Park Palo Alto

On a recent ride from San José to a meeting in Palo Alto, I was checking out the different facilities in each city along the way. Every city has distinctive signage and street markings; It's really fascinating. I found myself thinking that it would be wonderful to have a better understanding of the actual conditions on the ground–so to speak–in all of the communities that SVBC serves.

So on this ride I began to ponder… I'd like to see more of our area, by bike, to really understand the challenges and opportunities that our constituencies face. SVBC's goal is to make cycling safe, convenient, and fun–and there are so many factors to look at in each community in our efforts to meet this objective.

So, I've decided to challenge you–our members and our cycling public–to invite the SVBC staff to take a ride with you. Show us your communities' triumphs, along with their challenges. We need to understand the roadways as you understand them. This will strengthen our understanding and inform our advocacy. Your voice is crucial.

Please email me at to set up rides with SVBC staff members. And please, understand that depending on demand, we may not be able to schedule immediately. This is an in-depth process. We want to spend an appropriate amount of time integrating information about each community in the Silicon Valley and Peninsula region, to enhance our understanding of opportunities and challenges, and thus, our effectiveness advocating for change.