Silicon Valley Bicycle Exchange

SVBC is pleased to announce that our very successful Bicycle Exchange program will be launched as an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in 2013 under the name of the Silicon Valley Bicycle Exchange. The move allows the Bicycle Exchange to expand its bicycle donation operations in size, services, and geography while remaining a sister organization of Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition.

Over the past half decade, Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition has incubated the Bicycle Exchange and facilitated its growth into a much larger and more diverse organization which can now stand on its own. We're very proud of the team at the Bicycle Exchange, and wish them the very best in their new capacity.

Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition will provide continuing fiscal sponsorship for the Bicycle Exchange until the transition is complete later this year. The Bicycle Exchange expects to continue supporting SVBC with bicycles for its very successful Safe Routes to School Program not only this year, but also for years to come.

As a separate entity, the Bicycle Exchange will seek board oversight uniquely suited to its charitable mission and pursue exempt status reserved for public welfare organizations.

The Bicycle Exchange has operated as an all-volunteer service organization for over 20 years, refurbishing bicycles donated from the community to over a dozen social service and governmental partners who distribute the bicycles to their clients in need. These partners include Sunday Friends, Sunnyvale CSA, Samaritan House, Day Worker’s Center, Opportunity Center, InnVision, Hidden Villa and Catholic Charities.