Meeting was held at Tarboosh in Redwood City

Chairperson: John Langbein
Participants: Mike Harding, Steve Schmidt, Bob Page, Andrew Boone,
Staff: Corinne Winter
Guests: Warren Slocum, SMCo Supervisor; Cal Roper, Menlo Park
Secretary: Mike Harding

Meeting began at 6:45 PM

1) Introductions were made..

2) There were no additions to the agenda.

3) Minutes of the January meeting were approved.

4) One Bay Area Grants (OBAG): Steve Schmidt (C/CAG BPAC Chair): There is $6.5M available in Federal money, while the total of requests is $4.2M. The BPAC staff-person, Tom Madalena, advised the Committee to score, in February, the grant requests as if money was limited, and rank them as practice for future limited funding, such as from TDA Art.3 and Measure A. This last was aimed at new Committee members. Steve hopes that the BPAC could hang on to the surplus to be rolled over for next year. Corinne Winter was asked to consider lobbying for this.

5) Sharrows on County roads: To date, none have been used on any roads in the County. A possible precedent is on a short section of street in North Fair Oaks where the County has submitted an OBAG project. There is an opportunity for Corinne Winter to advocate their use at a meeting with Joe LoCoco, Public Works Director and other County folks. The C/CAG BPAC meeting is another opportunity to urge their use.

6) County Bicycle Co-ordinator: Bike/Ped improvements have been spread out among cities, C/CAG and SMCTA, with the County Bike Plan generally ignored, so one person is needed to oversee for the County, as is done in counties around the Bay. Corinne W.: A position in some County government entity needs to be funded at about $80K/yr for someone who is expert in bike-ped issues. Andrew Boone: Technical expertise is a must. What can SVBC do to help? Supervisor Slocum: Can we get someone to speak at a Measure A workshop? Colin Hayne could attend County Supervisors meeting to present priorities. Supervisor Slocum’s priority area is North Fair Oaks. Can the Peninsula Committee have a meeting in NFO with the local Council?

7) Staff Report: Corinne W.: There is a meeting on Feb 8th called Vision Zero aimed at crash prevention, for professionals. Safe Routes to School is expanding in San Mateo Co, with more school programs being created. The California Bicycle Committee needs a replacement representative for San Mateo County. Corinne CAN cover it as well as Santa Clara, but a dedicated San Mateo rep is better. John Langbein is willing to be the representative, but would prefer another person volunteer.
8) Skyline Bl chip-seal quality: The Dist 4 BAC listened to the complaint of over-size aggregate making bike travel unpleasant and possibly hazardous. (The problem is that 1/2 inch aggregate was allowed instead of the AASHTO standard of 3/8 inch. (Sec’y’s note))

9) Atherton issues: Mike Harding: Caltrans supports the use of ‘HAWK’ overhead flashing yellow plus steady red lights at hazardous pedestrian/bike crossings on El Camino where there have been two pedestrians struck in the last year or so. Getting them funded and installed will be a lengthy process, however. Margaret Pye reports that the “BIKES MUST EXIT” sign on Middlefield at Marsh has still not been removed.

10) Stanford Menlo Park project on El Camino at Middle Av: Steve Schmidt: The Menlo Park Specific Plan allows motor vehicle access across from Middle Av., where a pedestrian plaza and bike/ped Caltrain undercrossing has been recommended. Now planned is three lanes bisecting the plaza, with parking access. The project adds about 20% to El Camino traffic, due to the medical offices planned. One improvement would be to increase the housing-to-commercial ratio. According to the Planning Commission, Stanford is redesigning the project somewhat. It is likely that Stanford would not pay for a bike/ped underpass, and massive excavation is part of the plan for underground parking. There is a problem getting a design for an underpass, due to planning, cost, and HSR uncertainty. We can only wait for Stanford’s redesign in April to see where to go from here.

Andrew Boone has the March meeting on Tuesday the 12th due to absences on the 7th.