Santa Clara BTWD poster

Our 2013 Bike to Work Day poster is ready to be seen and help spread the word about Bike to Work Day! Download a copy and hang it on your cubicle wall, above the water cooler, in the break room, around campus, at a parking lot, in the elevator, over the sink, or on your living room wall… anywhere and everywhere will do. Be creative. And feel free to post pictures if you're proud of your display.

Download the poster for Santa Clara in English (PDF, 3 MB) or Spanish (PDF, 3 MB) and/or San Mateo in English (PDF, 3 MB).

If you'd like the nice, glossy 8.5×11 and 11×17 posters, you can request a few to be shipped to you via mail by emailing Jen Brecheen at Supplies are limited!