Sports Basement

Every year the NCAA basketball “March Madness” tournament captivates the nation with underdogs and buzzer beaters. Last year, leveraging this excitement, Sports Basement unveiled their “Charity Madness” tournament and raised over $34K for charities through revenue sharing at their stores – see last year's results [HERE]( This year, Sports Basement is organizing a bigger tournament and has invited SVBC to participate!

Here's how it works: There are four divisions with eight charities (or groups of smaller charities). Charities will be seeded based on past Sports Basement shopping figures, with high seeds playing low seeds like the real tournament. Charities (that's SVBC) then encourage their supporters (that's you!) to show or mention their charity membership at SB's registers and 10% of each sale will be donated back. The most funds raised wins that week's match up. “Losers” get a nice check for the funds they raised, “Winners” get to keep fundraising for an even bigger check. Everybody wins!

The more you shop, the longer SVBC gets to collect 10%! The tournament gets started on March 4th 16th*, so get your Sports Basement wish lists ready!

*Please note the new “tip-off” date for the tournament!