Montague Walk and Bike to School Day

Do you remember walking to school? Maybe you were even lucky enough to ride your bike. Thirty years ago roughly 50% of students walked to school. Those numbers have dropped to an astounding 16% in 2001 and will continue to decline as a sedentary lifestyle becomes the norm. It’s time to take action and change this mind set! The Safe Routes to School Team has recently scheduled monthly walk and bike to school days at 4 elementary schools in the Santa Clara School District. Montague, Briarwood, Sutter, and Haman Elementary will all be having themed walking events and group walking days to help promote a more active lifestyle. Montague got the ball rolling with a November Umbrella Walk where roughly 50 students showed their participation by adding their name to an Umbrella Poster. These schools will look forward to coming Winter Walks and Heart Health Walks in the coming months. How will you help be a part of the change? I challenge everyone to get out of their seat and move their feet, it’s always walk to work week!