Rose Madden, Farm Manager at Full Circle Farm in Sunnyvale, is joining Team SVBC for the 2012 Climate Ride California. Rose is an avid cyclist who believes in the goals of both SVBC and Climate Ride. “I promote bike riding as an alternative transportation method, as a way to boycott the gas-powered automobile industry, and a means of promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.”

SVBC is fortunate to have supporters like Rose. She understands the value of an organization that works everyday to promote healthy, active transportation: “I value SVBC because of what they do for the community. They fight to make the roads safer and the bike lane system more extensive for bike commuters. They also host great events, help other non-profit organizations, donate bikes to pretty much anyone who needs a bike, and make community events biker-friendly.”

And Rose knows what she’s talking about! As someone whose day-to-day life takes her all over the South Bay, it’s important to her that she feels confident on her bike. “Bike riding is a great way to get around in the Bay Area. There are many bike lanes and the streets are pretty wide most of the time. I love how close everything is when bike riding. I live in San Jose, work in Sunnyvale, go to the Mt. View Farmers Market, and visit my boyfriend at work in Palo Alto – all on my bike!”

Thank you, Rose, for promoting the bicycle for everyday use, and for helping SVBC grow!

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