July 12, 2012, 6 pm – Palo Alto Pizza, 2450 Park Blvd

6:00 pm – Social half hour. Eat, drink, chat.

6:30 pm – Introductions

6:35 pm – Changes/Additions to Agenda

6:40 pm. Bicycle + Pedestrian Transportation Plan. Funding and implementation.

  • Compile grant funding sources and create a schedule of application deadlines
  • Friends of Palo Alto Bicycling (private funding)
  • What are the city's high-priority projects?
  • What can we do to move projects forward?

7:15 pm. Arastradero Road Striping Trial. City to consider making changes permanent.

  • July: Planning and Transportation Commission
  • September: City Council

7:45 pm. California Avenue Streetscape. Update.

  • July 11 planning meeting and the July 23 council meeting

8:00 pm. Homer Avenue Tunnel safety issue.

  • What can be done? What is our preferred solution?

8:15 pm. Professorville Residential Parking Permit Program

  • Volunteers to monitor Council agendas
  • Get planned Park Blvd Bicycle Boulevard signs changed from purple to green
  • Get rid of pairs of gates at entrances to bike paths
  • Modify intersection signal timing to allow better vehicle and bicycle flow
  • Moffett intersection in Sunnyvale