Congratulations to Kevin Jackson, a Sunnyvale cyclist who put significant time and effort into passing the first reading of an anti-harassment ordinance in his town. The second reading will take place on July 17. The two readings give the public an extended chance to weigh in. Kevin's quick synopsis of the final vote is below.

I am extremely pleased to report that the BPAC-sponsored cyclist anti-harassment ordinance was approved by the council on a 6-1 vote, Davis dissenting. The council motion also directed staff to publicize the new ordinance in order to put on notice any motorists who may be tempted to react with aggression when they encounter cyclists.

A big thanks goes to everyone who showed up to support the ordinance (no one spoke in opposition, and Davis didn't even try to explain his negative vote). For all of you cyclists in other cities, you are most welcome to enjoy this additional protection when you visit Sunnyvale. Now, how about bugging your own BPACs to return the favor? I will be glad to share whatever information I have that may help you get started.

Contact Kevin at with your congratulations and questions.