Corinne Winter, famous SVBC logo designer Patt Baenen, the venerable Bob roll, and Kim Perez enjoy the KOM.

SVBC members were invited this year to join our first team ride effort at the Silicon Valley Leadership Group's King of the Mountain (KOM) charity ride. Much to our surprise, and to the credit of team leaders and board members Shiloh Ballard and Alyssa Plicka, we were able to recruit 16 people to the SVBC team! It was great fun–and, we took third place in the “largest team” competition!

Monica had the SVBC table out to tell the riders more about what we do. Our jersey was so popular, people kept asking to buy it–we let them have one when they joined SVBC for $50. I think the tunes Monica brought with her helped attract the masses.

After the KOM I was able to jump over to the Tour of CA Stage 3 start with a VIP pass, where Bruce Hildenbrand introduced me to Bob Roll, who will be joining us next October 11th for SVBC's Annual Dinner.