People-Powered Art Exhibition

I’ve been hearing a lot about our First Friday People-Powered art show, but didn’t have a good idea what it would be like. Last Tuesday we all went over to the Art Ark Gallery on Sixth Street in San Jose to finish hanging the pictures. Here’s a picture of us at work.

This is a really good show, in a nice space. I was amazed at the quality of the work; paintings, photos, and 3-dimensional art. Most, but not all involve bicycling. Kudos to Colin Heyne for putting all this together.

So if you’re interested, or even want to purchase some bike related art, come to the show at 1035 South 6th Street this Friday, May 4, 6 to 9 PM. This is the only time it will be open to the public. (If you’re a member, you can also come to our Bike Away From Work Bash the evening of May 10 which will be held at the Art Ark.)

We’ll be selling discounted memberships at the show and at the Bike Away From Work Bash, and you’ll get a free Bike to Work Day t-shirt (as long as supplies last).