This year, SVBC has been working with our Policy Advisory Committee and our Local Teams to craft bicycling-related questions to ask candidates in select races in our area. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, SVBC cannot and does not endorse any candidate. We can, however, share their views with you. The answers are coming back, and we're publishing them here on the SVBC website.

Here are the responses from Ernie Schmidt, candidate for San Mateo County District 4 Supervisor:

  1. Where do you see bikes fitting into the overall transportation plan?

As the Vice chair of the Redwood City Planning Commission and having been involved in our one year old and award winning General Plan, Bikes were an integral part of our transportation plan. Recognizing that as we move forward towards more urban density to accommodate our growth, the importance of implementing complete streets, for not only our bicyclists but to encourage drivers to leave their vehicle behind and either bike or take mass transit to work.

  1. If elected, what are three things that you would do to improve cycling opportunities for your constituents?

I love Sharrows! Finding ways to create buffers between bicyclists and motorists and education.

  1. What have you done or worked on in the past that shows your record of being involved in bicycle, active transportation, or road/trail improvement campaigns?

Our recent creation of our award winning General Plan.

  1. With dedicated funding for cycling projects under fire on the regional, state, and federal level, what would you do to keep those dollars flowing?

Promoting our County as the place to live work and play. Revenue is the life blood of our county, and I want to be very pro active in finding those revenue generating ideas, that keep not only our vital services around, but allow us to invest in ways that promote health and lower our output of emissions.

  1. A few years ago, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) adopted a Complete Streets policy which requires that all MTC funded projects consider the needs of all potential users including cyclists. Furthermore, local jurisdictions have been requested to pass a similar ordinance directing their public works departments to consider the needs of all users of the road. As a hypothetical example, the County applies to MTC to improve an existing 4-lane road. However, to comply with Complete Streets, a 4-lane county road could be reduced to 3 lanes to install bike lanes to accommodate existing bicycle traffic. Do you support the Complete Streets concept and would you vote for such an ordinance if elected Supervisor?

Yes I do support it and am quite excited to see it come to fruition in the North Fair Oaks Community development, which will take 4 lanes down to 3, with a lane dedicated to bikes on Middlefield.