Bike advocacy call to action

In February, State Senator Alan Lowenthal of Long Beach introduced SB 1464, the new three-foot passing bill the California Bicycle Coalition is cosponsoring with the City of Los Angeles. It's identical to last year's three-foot bill (SB 910), but without the language the governor found problematic.

Click here to learn more about the bill.

At a State Capitol hearing on Tuesday, April 17, the Senate Transportation & Housing Committee will review SB 1464 and vote on it. Those nine Senators need to hear from bicyclists about why approving this bill is so important for making our roads safer.

Please send them a message right now. This link sends you to a website with an email message addressed to the committee chair. Simply add your name and contact info and hit send — your message will be emailed to the CBC and they'll make sure it's delivered to the State Capitol.

If your Senator is a member of the Senate Transportation & Housing Committee, please contact him or her directly to express your support — even a brief phone call is valuable. (Not sure who you Senator is? Start here.) And please forward this message to others who care about the safety of bicyclists on the road.