I must admit that after having the last two weeks off work, it was a bit difficult getting up to the sound of an alarm in the morning once again. During my two weeks off I did a lot of eating and nothing. Now that I am back to work, I must also go back to school.

On my first day back, we met with the principal and teachers at a City of Santa Clara school (one of seven) where Safe Routes to School programs will be implemented during the next two years. Our goal at this point is to determine a baseline of how many students are walking and bicycling to school at this time, as well as to gather information from teachers and parents about their concerns and barriers to walking and bicycling to school. We will be gathering this information through surveys that will be administered by teachers and parents, as well as SVBC staff.

Through our programs and events, our ultimate goal is to increase the percentage of students walking and bicycling to school, and these initial numbers will help us determine how much of an impact Safe Routes to School (SR2S) initiatives have made in increasing active transportation. As always, I will continue to inform you on our progress and let you know when volunteer opportunities arise.