This is a call to action to all you engaged and engaging San Mateo County cyclists. SVBC is working with the San Mateo County Health System to expand the role that bicycle and pedestrian advisory committees (B/PACs) and similar such organizations play in planning in the municipalities of San Mateo County.

As is always the case, I think it would be a bad idea for SVBC staff to go it alone, especially when there are so many of you already involved in B/PACs and other forms of bicycle advocacy. I need your experience and insight to make this project a success!

I have already been helped by several members of the San Mateo County cycling community, but I would like to form an ad hoc committee and establish a mailing list so we can have some discussions about

  1. How to establish more institutions that promote biking and walking and
  2. How to get the public more aware of and involved in these institutions.

If you would like to get involved in this project, please email me at Tell me where you live, what your experience is with B/PACs (none needed, but it would be nice to know), and what you would like to add or get out of the conversation.

Thanks for your help!