I was in Boulder recently. The weather was wonderful, despite a few thunder showers. Lots of folks riding their bikes. You don't have to be there long to sense what a bicycle friendly town it is. For one thing, there are many, many signs warning motorists about bicyclists. They even have them at crosswalks where riders may be exiting separated bike paths. (By the looks of them, they operate with some different laws than we have here.)The bike lanes are striped (dashed) past right turn lanes.

I wanted to get some pictures of the signs and lane markings to share, and asked my son to bring his camera along one day. He graciously parked and walked to several locations with me to take some pictures, despite it being an unusually hot day.

But it was not to be, at least soon. Unfortunately, he left his camera in the rental car, and when I turned it in the next day, I didn't see the camera, it being about the same color as the upholstery. He realized that evening what had happened. It took about ten days and five phone calls to the rental company to find out that they did have the camera! He still hasn't actually been able to get it back yet, but that is another story. Maybe some day I will get the pictures.