We will soon be full swing with bike parking season. It's something I really enjoy, as long as it's not toooo hot. A chance to be out of doors, meet a lot of people, and do something of service.

I spent some time with bike parking at the Maker Faire in San Mateo this weekend. We parked a lot of bikes, over 600 each day with a combination of guarded and valet parking. The people that put on Maker Faire really support bike parking, and also encourage people to ride by discounting the tickets for bike riders. What was especially nice was that people really appreciated having a secure place to put their bikes.

Gladwyn d'Souza organized and set up the parking, as he has for the last two years. This is a really big job, as he has to come in Friday evening with some helpers to carry and arrange all the bike racks (and there are a lot!) They ran into problems this year because the site was at one end of a parking lot, and the security people got confused and kept letting people in to park and then the cars would be in the way! At 10:00 they gave up, and Gladwyn came out first thing Saturday morning to finish the setup.

Next Saturday it's the Canary Ride in Palo Alto. Be sure to let us know if you can come help!